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Label : RVNG INTL.
Format : LP
Country : USA
Cat No : RVNGNL81
Disc : NEW
Jacket : NEW

これは凄い。Isik Kural, Satomimagae, Visible Cloaks, Sign Libraなど、名門〈RVNG INTL.〉の名うて達が集結した至極のアンビエント/フォークコンピレーション。加えてZoe Brezsny, Ivanna Baranova, Tessa Bolsover, Jessica Rae Elsaesser,  Luciá Hinojosa Gaxiolaによる詩の朗読が各曲の橋渡し的役割を担っており、よりこの作品への没入感を高めている。RSDらしい企画、というか〈RVNG INTL.〉ってホントにセンスの塊の様な神レーベルである。

A1. Zoe Brezsny - Timelapse passionflower
A2. Isik Kural - Forlorn
A3. Luciá Hinojosa Gaxiola - window poem
A4. Satomimagae - Dots
A5. Ivanna Baranova - cantadito
A6. vhvl - Shell One
A7. Jessica Rae Elsaesser - there is a dream of you
A8. Visible Cloaks - Arcoíris
A9. Tessa Bolsover - Untitled (morning)
A10. Sign Libra - Pi
A11. Ivanna Baranova - nice to see you joyous
A12. Dialect - BeeOh
A13. Jessica Rae Elsaesser - it regenerates each night
A14. Batu - Face of the Lake
B1. Luciá Hinojosa Gaxiola - high ways (desert poem)
B2. Anna Homler, Michael Vincent Waller, Darryl Tewes - Bounding / Missive from the Teacup Galaxy
B3. Tessa Bolsover - Untitled (salt)
B4. Diatom Deli - Tranquilo
B5. Zoe Brezsny - Twin Flame
B6. Emily A. Sprague - Silken Pt. 2
B7. Tessa Bolsover - Untitled (night buzzes)
B8. Rachika Nayar & Nina Keith - In the Memory Room
B9. Ivanna Baranova - whiplash portal
B10. Wayne Phoenix - Living is the answer to the question that is asked by being alive
B11. Zoe Brezsny - Sunken Meadow Park II


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